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What we offer

Most small business struggle to get a good deal from their courier provider. Our online courier service gives you all the advantages a big business gets so you can keep growing without the road blocks.

Pick ups from your home or business

Skip trips to the post shop

Free packaging

Use our packaging and only pay for the courier once you start sending

Visibility of your parcels

One-click tracking for all your parcels through our online portal

It's no secret that most courier companies only want big business

Most courier companies don't value small businesses and even turn them away. They only want businesses with big spend.

As a growing small business with tight margins you want to get the same perks that big businesses do because you need them!

Pass the Parcel is the courier for small business that gives you straight forward competitive pricing with no minimum spend.

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It's no secret that most courier companies only want big business

How to use us

Sign up online

1. Sign up online

No account application forms, no delay

Get free packaging delivered to you

2. Get free packaging delivered to you

or use your own packaging and print labels

Book a pickup & pay online

3. Book a pickup & pay online

Pay as you go or load a prepaid balance

Use a courier that values small business and get parcels delivered to your customers nationwide


"I was using another courier company. One week I had to take parcels out to their depot which involved a 3 hour round trip. After this I thought I would try Pass the Parcel. It was the best decision I could have made which has boosted my feedback on TradeMe has gone from 'good trade'... to 'good trade, fast delivery, would trade again', 'super fast trade and delivery, thanks'. I am very happy with all aspects of Pass the Parcel."

Mike East, TradeMe sole trader
New customer of Pass the Parcel

"We often struggled to offer a simple and fair pricing structure without leaving us needing to subsidise in some cases. With some providers, there is no sense of ownership from them when things don't go to plan. As a sole trader with clients to keep happy, this was disappointing and quite isolating. With using Pass the Parcel we get such great feedback from our TradeMe clients. To get goods to our purchasers quickly when trading online takes away one of the barriers to buying this way, rather than from a local retail store. We just love working with Pass the Parcel, as we feel like our values align. The fact that Pass the Parcel is continually taking ownership and looking to improve speaks volumes... I truly believe that Pass the Parcel offers the best value for money."

Sara Vaughan, Liquidity NZ
Long-time customer of Pass the Parcel

Driven by Freightways

  • Competitive rates across one of the NZ's largest freight networks
  • Experienced drivers who deal with a variety of freight on a daily basis.
  • Over 50 years of transport experience - you can trust us to get your item delivered.
Driven by Freightways

Use a courier that values small business and get parcels delivered to your customers nationwide

Give your customers the confidence of knowing their parcels will get delivered on time no matter where they live.

With Pass the Parcel you can send parcels from your doorstep to theirs and even get the packaging you need - all without leaving your house. Simply order the packaging, enter the tracking details when you book online, and we'll collect it and get it to your customer.

Start sending your small business items with pass the Parcel and watch your business grow as your customers are delighted with our no-hassle and fast courier service.

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The online courier that treats your small business like a big business