Pass the Parcel

Prohibited items

PTP is not designed to accommodate the carriage of any goods fitting the following descriptions. This is in accordance with our own Terms and Conditions, The Carriage of Goods Act 1979, and the IATA DG Regulations. Please note that should you choose to send one of these items, you will not be covered in the case of Damage or Loss.

  • Live animals and insects
  • Any restricted or illegal substances, regardless of whether they are prescription quantity or not.
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Human or animal remains
  • Furs or skins
  • Indecent goods
  • Any noxious substances
  • Any perishable food items
  • Any frozen items or goods requiring refrigeration
  • Any unsolicited indecent item or representation of any kind
  • Any item that is capable of causing injury to any person or damage to property regardless of packaging
  • Any inadequately packaged item
  • Valuable items such as bullion, cash or currency, jewellery, and items of a fragile nature.
  • Glass
  • Second Hand Automotive parts
  • Antiques
  • Live plants
  • Original Artwork
  • No items over 25kgs
  • All Dangerous goods or items containing hazardous substances (eg Petrol line trimmers/chainsaws)
    Click here to see the list of Dangerous goods