Pass the Parcel

Freightways extension of the Pass the Parcel name for Express Package

Pass the Parcel - The courier for online traders brand has been operating successfully for the past 10 years and has established a strong presence in that market with a trusted following of loyal customers.

Pass the Parcel - The courier for online traders will continue to operate in the same manner as it is currently, offering branded boxes and satchels and an online portal for printing courier tickets, nothing changes for existing Pass the Parcel customers.

Introducing Pass the Parcel - Trusted Home Delivery for Freightways Express Package

A new service is being introduced across all Freightways Express Package courier companies, extending the Pass the Parcel name. As the name has become a recognised icon within the online and home delivery market it was a logical decision to extend the brand that already specialises in residential sending, to include residential home delivery. Moving forward, Pass the Parcel will be introduced as the name for the future of our trusted home delivery services.

Pass the Parcel - Trusted home deliveries

Pass the Parcel – Trusted Home Delivery, will offer stronger residential delivery services for Freightways Express Package Customers and their customers. If you are currently a customer of, Post Haste, Castle Parcels, Now Couriers or New Zealand Couriers.

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