Pass the Parcel

Potential Service delays across Auckland

21 September 2020

Very strong winds in Auckland on Friday September 18th caused several accidents involving trucks on the Auckland Harbour Bridge. The result of this saw structural damage to one of the main supports on the bridge, which effected the closure of the 4 inside lanes moving in both the north and south directions.

Structural Engineers have deemed this to be a serious issue and the lanes effected may be closed for several weeks whilst repairs are completed. This has the potential to cause major delays to the movement of freight in both directions, as the volume of traffic will be severely restricted with these lane closures. At this stage there is only one other option for us to move freight to and from the North Shore, which is via the west ring road peripheral route State Highway 16 linking to SH 18. We expect this route will also become congested as more traffic utilises the option to avoid delays on the Harbour Bridge.

Please expect there to be significant delays to deliveries throughout this period, which at this stage could take some time to resolve, although we will be doing all we can to mitigate the impact on our services. We will continue to update the website and our customers, as more information comes to hand, but at this point we ask that you please be patient and accept we will do all we can, given the challenges we face.

The team at Pass the Parcel