Pass the Parcel

Use Your Own Packaging

You can use your own packaging and print a label to send your parcel. Before you send a parcel, please ensure you have a look at the Prohibited Items and our Packaging Tips.

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What You Can Send

So your parcels fit in our vans, there are some limitations on the size of your parcel.
Parcels must be:

  • No longer than 1.9m
  • No larger than 0.06m3 (this is the size of a standard microwave)
  • No heavier than 25kgs

We have five pricing ranges for the Use Your Own Box:

  • A4 sized parcel (that is no more than 10cm in thickness). This is for you to use your own envelopes, or courier satchels, or a small (non-delicate) item that is wrapped with sturdy paper
  • Small box Equivalent in volume to a Small Pass the Parcel box with dimensions 21x28x13 cm.
    Perfect for magazines or larger books
  • Medium box Equivalent in volume to a Medium Pass the Parcel box with dimensions 28x39x18 cm.
    Slightly larger than a typical shoe box
  • Large Box Equivalent in volume to a Large Pass the Parcel box with dimensions 38x55x20 cm.
    Room enough for a well folded duvet blanket
  • Extra Large Box (Maximum volume of 0.06m3. Equivalent to a box with dimensions 50x50x24 cm).
    This is about the volume of an average microwave

How to measure

To calculate the size of your parcel and to see our prices, click here.

For a box, enter the Height (A), the Width (B) and the Length (C).

For a cylinder, enter the Height (A), the Height (A) again and the Length (C)

Some Tips

  • To ensure your parcel arrives in perfect condition, please ensure you use adequate packaging
  • Make sure you declare the right size of your parcel. If you try and sneak a parcel through that is bigger than you declared, we will hold it in our depot until additional payment is made
  • To print your own label, all you need is a printer, normal paper and some sellotape

Use Your Own Packaging or check our pricing