Pass the Parcel

Track your parcel

Pass the Parcel lets you check the delivery status of your item day or night.

Type your 16 digit tracking code from your pack or box into the field below.

Pass the Parcel - Card

Valid Parcel

Incomplete Code

You have not entered a complete barcode. Each field must have 4 characters

Invalid Code

The number you have entered is not a valid code. Please try again. Please contact our customer services team for assistance.

Tip: try typing the number 0 instead of the letter o.

Where do I find the tracking code?

What our codes mean:

Pickup Status

Time and date the parcel was picked up or dropped to our depot “Check” means we have further information for the parcel. Scroll down the screen to see the latest update on the parcel.


If the parcel has been delivered, the date and time will display. Scroll down to see the name of the person who signed for the parcel, and a signature if available. Note if the words ATL or PTL appear, this means the receiver gave us permission to leave the parcel without a signature.

Some of our other codes are:

On Board

The time our courier loaded the parcel onto his/her vehicle for delivery

Non Delivery

The receiver was not home to accept the delivery or we were unable to deliver to the address. The parcel has been returned to our depot and we are waiting for the receiver to contact us


Oops! This means we have made a mistake and sent your parcel to the wrong branch. You parcel will be delivered the next day.


This parcel is headed to a rural address. Delivery may take an additional 24 hours, and we are unable to get a signature.