Pass the Parcel

How to track your item

Pass the Parcel lets you check the delivery status of your item day or night.

Every Pass the Parcel pack or box has a Parcel Tracking Code on it which looks like this:


This is the code you used to send your item, and can also be used to track your item on our website.

To track your parcel, go to our Track Your Item page.

Enter the tracking code in the fields provided. When you click Track My Item your tracking results will be displayed.

Your item will be tracked as it passes through the following stages:

  1. When our courier picks up your item, OR
    When we receive your item at a Drop Off point
  2. When your item is placed on board our courier's vehicle
  3. When your item is delivered - you will see the actual signature of the person who received your item

Tracking information shows the time and name of the courier handling your item.